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Welcome to the Connecticut Association of Flood Managers Website!

CAFM LogoThe mission of the Connecticut Association of Flood Managers (CAFM) is to promote education, policies, and activities that mitigate current and future flood losses, costs, and human suffering caused by flooding and to protect the natural and beneficial functions of floodplains – all without causing unreasonable adverse impacts.

CAFM strives to serve as a unifying force for its membership and their related disciplines within the state of Connecticut, providing both a forum and supportive framework.  We solicit thoughts, ideas, concerns, and issues related to floodplain management from our members in order to affect and integrate better management practices within public policy.  Such pursuits are based on the collective experience of a diverse statewide membership and result in both environmental stewardship and better collaboration locally, statewide, and regionally among all partners and stakeholders who have are interested in minimizing future flood risk and damages in the state of Connecticut.

Specifically, CAFM focuses on the following:

Providing educational opportunities and dissemination of general and technical information to individuals concerned with sound floodplain management as well as to the general public;

  • Promoting public awareness of sound floodplain management principles including mitigation, resiliency, preparedness, response, and recovery and the linkages between them;
  • Encouraging the exchange of information, ideas, experiences, etc. among the practitioners of floodplain management at local, state, and regional scales;
  • Promoting the professional status of floodplain managers and related disciplines;
  • Informing and providing technical information relative to legislation pertinent and necessary to the effective implementation of sound floodplain management practices; and
  • Promoting environmentally-sound solutions to floodplain management problems.

ASFPM has welcomed CAFM as its 36th chapter!  The ASFPM Board of Directors approved the application of CAFM by unanimous vote at its annual retreat on February 25, 2015.  Official state chapterhood provides CAFM a variety of benefits and services as enumerated on ASFPM’s website.

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