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General Announcements:

None at this time.

CAFM Floodplain Management Trainings:

The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (CTDEEP), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the Connecticut Association of Flood Managers (CAFM) are pleased to sponsor two Elevation Certificate (EC) workshops on Thursday, July 19, 2018 at the Branford Fire House, 45 North Main Street, Branford, Connecticut 06405.  See our Events Page for more details!

Other Floodplain Management Trainings:

Additional scheduled trainings by other agencies are listed below.  Please follow the links and contact these entities directly to attend.  For CRS and STARR webinars, click the link and then the “Upcoming” tab to navigate the list on the WebEx page.


STARR Webinar:  Elevation Certificates – June 14, 2018

STARR Webinar:  Tools for Determining Base Flood Elevation – June 28, 2018


AWRA Webinar:  A Collaborative Web Resource for Downscaled CMIP3 and CMIP5 Climate and Hydrology Projections – July 11, 2018

CRS Webinar Series:  Preparing an Annual Recertification – July 17, 2018

CRS Webinar Series:  Repetitive Loss Properties and the CRS – July 18, 2018


CFM Exam – August 10, 2018 – Portsmouth, NH – Please contact Samara Ebinger of the NH Office of Strategic Initiatives, at or (603) 271-1755 if you are interested in taking the exam.

CRS Webinar Series:  Introduction to CRS – August 21, 2018

CRS Webinar Series:  Flood Insurance Promotion (Activity 370) – August 22, 2018


CRS Webinar Series:  Preparing an Annual Recertification – September 18, 2018

CRS Webinar Series:  Activity 410 (Floodplain Mapping) – September 19, 2018


AWRA Webinar:  Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations Improve Water Management – October 10, 2018

CRS Webinar Series:  Preparing an Annual Recertification – October 16, 2018

CRS Webinar Series:  Developing a CRS Program for Public Information (PPI) – October 17, 2018


CRS Webinar Series:  Preparing an Annual Recertification – December 18, 2018

CRS Webinar Series:  Flood Insurance Promotion (Activity 370) – December 19, 2018

Additional courses available through FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute in Emmittsburg, MD.

Floodplain Management Tools:

The newly revised Elevation Certificate (FEMA form 086-033) is now available!

The Union of Concerned Scientists has developed the attached climate resilience framework and set of 15 adaptation principles for use by decision makers, practitioners, and citizens engaged in adaptation work. The climate resilience framework describes how climate adaptation and mitigation are intrinsically linked and how, together, they create resilience. The adaptation principles are grounded in science and committed to equity. Together, the framework and principles are meant to be durable and flexible enough to be used in a wide variety of contexts. UCS will update these periodically, as practitioners of adaptation learn and share new lessons.

Use this tool to help estimate the cost of flooding to your home!


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